Meet the Artist Behind The Mural At Our Dundas West Store



Thomarya “Tee” Fergus is a multi-dimensional artist currently based in Toronto, ON. Tee uses painting & illustrations, tattoo artistry, photography and fashion to communicate with global audiences. She incorporates a range of mediums in her creative practice including large and small-scale canvas, textiles, and digital and analog photography


As diasporic bodies, we are always seeking a place to call home, and as I’ve become closer to plant relations in my adulthood, I have found that they can be the tangible answer.

As we reflect upon the ‘spade’ and the sacred number ‘6,’ we are asked to contemplate ‘wisdom,’ ‘earth teachings,’ ’empathy’ and ‘unconditional love.’ These aspects are inherently held with the African plants, who taught our ancestors about health, ritual and self-sustenance.

I offer these teachers to 6 of Spade, as a heart-tie to home, for all who walk in.