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6 of Spade

The number six in our name represents both the 6 most common terpenes found in cannabis and our beloved city of Toronto, which is affectionately referred to as the “6”. Toronto is a bustling melting pot of different people, cultures, and traditions. We’re proud to live, work, and play in a City that progressively highlights the differences of its people, and attempts to build inclusive communities.

The welcoming of the community is at the core of our guiding principles. We draw reference from those principles and from the “Spade”- a widely recognized symbol of wisdom, acceptance and earth as the foundation of our business decision-making. The word “spade” in “6 of Spade” is a visual representation of the level of wisdom there is to attain from cannabis and of our commitment to continue learning all we can about this beautiful flower.

In celebration of diversity, inclusion, and acceptance we pay homage to the “6” and to the “Spade” by including a piece of them both in our name.

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